Alveol Academy Academic Coaching for SuccessSunshine STEM Academy provides coaching service for college application starting from elementary and middle school ages to empower, inspire, and motivate students to explore, choose, and act on their life’s path.

Students are offered variety of activities year-long to motivate students in the road to college. Our dedicated team of educators make a huge difference in students’ lives, show them a way forward, enjoy a satisfying experience.

Advantages of Student Centered Learning

Let kids learn anywhere, anytime! Sunshine STEM Academy offers distinctive student-centered learning program which allows students to learn at their own pace and at their competency level; anywhere, anytime they want.

Alveol Academy - Smart Parents help kids to learn anywhere anytime

What is Student-Centered Learning?

Student-centered learning, (or learner-centered education), broadly encompasses methods of teaching that shift the focus of instruction from the teacher to the student. Student-centered learning aims to develop learner autonomy and independence by putting responsibility for the learning path in the hands of students.

Student-centered learning moves students from passive receivers of information to active participants in their own discovery process by not depending on time and environment. What students learn, how they learn it and how their learning is assessed are all driven by each individual student’s needs and abilities.

Personalized Learning

We believe that students can engage in different ways and in different places. Our students benefit from individually-paced, targeted learning tasks that start from where the student is, formatively assess existing skills and knowledge, and address the student’s needs and interests.

Competency-Based Learning

Our students move ahead based primarily on demonstrating key learning milestones along the path to mastery of core competencies and bodies of knowledge. We expect our students to have multiple means and opportunities to demonstrate mastery through performance-based and other standardized assessments.

Learning Anywhere, Anytime

Learning takes place beyond the traditional school day, and even the school year. Time and place are used flexibly, in ways that optimize and extend student learning. Students have equitable opportunities to take advantage of digital technologies that can enhance learning based on their demonstration of skills and knowledge.

Students Exert Ownership Over Their Learning

Our students understand how to get “smarter” by applying effort strategically to learning tasks. They have frequent opportunities to direct and to reflect and improve on their own learning progression towards college and career ready standards through formative assessments that help them understand their own strengths and learning challenges.

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