The overall goal of the home visit program is to help strengthen relationships between parents and teachers. To be able to guide each student in the right direction, it is important to know as much as possible about our students. There are limits to what teachers can perceive about each student in the classroom and home visits have been shown to be an effective way to let children know how much teachers and parents care about our students. Through home visits, closer cooperation between home and school can be achieved. However, home visits are only the beginning. Sunshine STEM Academy embraces the idea of parents as partners and actively involves parents into education.

Experience and research from all over the United States shows that the interaction with the student’s family at their home is a very effective way to help student’s academic and behavioral progress.

Here are some benefits of home visits:

  • Strengthened parent/teacher relationships
  • Increase in overall student achievement
  • Increase in student attendance
  • Deeper development in feelings of trust, mutual respect, empowerment, and accountability by parents, students, and staff