Sunshine STEM Academy Micro School is located in Alpharetta, Georgia. Sunshine STEM Academy offers educational services by creating high-quality, innovative opportunities to support whole child development so that students can succeed in reaching their dreams. Sunshine STEM Academy’s goal is to improve students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills by encouraging high expectations!

Sunshine STEM Academy Services – Coding, Robotics, Academic Coaching

Student-centered, Hands-on, Rigorous, Critical Thinking, Problem solving, High Expectations

Sunshine STEM Academy provides student-centered, hands-on, rigorous extra-curricular enrichment activities such as academic teams which includes robotics and coding, workshops, camps, and academic coaching.

Academic enrichment activities are;

  • Robotics: Competitive and non-competitive teamwork activities using Lego WeDo 2.0 and EV3 Mindstorms kits
  • Coding-All levels: Beginner Level Coding and Problem Solving, SCRATCH, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C++
  • Digital Arts: Photography, Video Production, Graphic Design, Web Design
  • Academic Coaching: Coaching in establishing personalized learning plan and study skills, setting high expectations, evaluation, and assessment.

Alta Pete!

By creating a challenging learning environment that encouraging high expectations for success, Sunshine STEM Academy believes that students will develop into responsible and caring citizens. With an emphasis on problem solving and creative thinking, the students of Sunshine STEM Academy will grow to be inspired learners through dynamic science, math, technology, engineering, reading, and art driven curriculum with our enrichment opportunities.

Alveol Academy High Expectations

Core Beliefs

  • in a partnership between educators, students, families, and community
  • that all students should be nurtured, accepted and appreciated
  • in molding students into responsible and caring citizens, resourceful thinkers, and inspired learners
  • that all students can learn and reach their highest potential
  • in the value of student diversity, unique talents, and all capabilities
  • in implementing dynamic technology driven curriculum to ensure that each students has the best educational experience possible
  • in providing students with enrichment opportunities that go beyond the classroom and develop the whole child
  • in meeting students individual needs, while maintaining high expectations
  • in providing students with educational enrichment opportunities that go beyond the classroom and develop the whole child

 Who we are

Tahir Duzyol – Founder & Technology/Engineering/Digital Arts Instructor at Sunshine STEM Academy

Tahir Duzyol - Alveol AcademyTahir Duzyol has received his Bachelor of Science degree in Physics Education. He is a certified teacher in Physics and Technology Education in the State of Georgia. He received his Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership with Technology concentration from Kennesaw State University.

He worked as Computer Science Teacher at a public charter high school for 3 years. He taught Web Design, Graphic Design, Design Principles, HTML, and CSS in Fundamentals of Web Design class and Web Programming, Database and JavaScript programming language in Advanced Web Design classes in high school computer science classes. After 3 years of high school teaching experience, he served as Assistant Principal in a public charter elementary school for 4 years, and Dean of Academics and Technology Director in a private elementary school for 1 year. He recently instructed Programming Robotics course in Duke University Summer Studies program at Georgia Institute of Technology campus in Summer 2017.

During his teaching and school administrative years, he coached students and teams in various extra-curricular activities such as high school level FTC robotics competitions, elementary school level FLL competitions, state-wide Tech Fair competitions, and state-wide Webchallenge competitions organized by TAG-Ed collaborative. Through curricular and extra-curricular activities, students learned web design, programming and engineering concepts; developed team work skills, critical-thinking skills and problem solving skills; earned scholarship toward their college education as a reward of winning placement at competitions.

High School FTC Robotics Team Receives Motivate Award at International Robotics Competition

He coached the High School Robotics Team for 3 years while he is teaching at charter high school. The team received Motivate Award at the International FTC Robotics Competition in St. Louis. Robotics team was recognized by the local Education Board as well. At the time, this award was the first achievement ever received by a Georgia robotics team at the international level FTC Robotics competitions. This award is given to teams show the best team effort, spirit and collaboration.

Elementary School FLL Robotics Teams Receive Georgia State Championship Award -two years in a row-

After high school years, he helped elementary school level FLL robotics teams and their coaches as a robotics head coach when he was working as Assistant Principal at the charter elementary school. Robotics teams he helped and guided named as FLL Georgia State Champions -two years in a row- in 2014 and 2015 at FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Robotics Competitions.

Highest Performing Charter Elementary School -three years in a row-

During the years he served as Assistant Principal at the elementary charter school, he was in charge of Instruction, Curriculum, Assessment and After School Extra-Curricular Activities. The charter school has been named highest performing charter school in the state of Georgia based on CCRPI scores -three years in a row- in 2013, 2014, and 2015. It was an honor to serve and being part of a successful team.