Music Lessons

All lessons are personalized and all curriculum stated can be taught at any pace to meet the needs of the student. We currently offer up to advanced guitar lessons and up to intermediate piano and drum lessons.

Materials Needed

  1. Instrument (Guitar or Keyboard)
  2. Music Tablature/Notation Notebook
  3. Metronome (Phone App. is fine)
  4. Pen (preferably at least 2 colors)

All can be provided by the instructor for a fee. Please ask for details.

Group Lessons

Learning music in a group setting gives the student the opportunity to learn, practice and perform with other musicians.

Introductory Class for Beginners

Every student receives a free private introduction class to prepare them for a group setting and to build confidence.
This lesson includes:

1. Parts of the instrument
2. Tuning your instrument (usually by ear)
3. How to properly play and hold the instrument
4. Warm-up and stretching exercises
5. Curriculum Preview

What to Expect From Lessons

  1. Lessons begin with a demonstration of what the students will be learning to set a goal for them to achieve.
  2. A quick warm-up and stretches pertaining to the lesson are important to improve accuracy, ability and speed.
  3. Then, step-by-step instructions will be shown in detail while students are expected to take notes in their music notebooks.
  4. Each student receives personal attention to ensure they are learning correctly while everyone practices what they learned softly to themselves.
  5. Each student will play back what they learned in front of the group, one at a time, then all together. This builds confidence and reassures the student of their own success.
  6. At the end of each lesson, we review what was learned, what each student needs to practice, their homework, and how they should improve throughout the week until their next lesson. It is understood that each student learns at their own pace, this is why each student is given personal goals.


Students receive homework sheets that test what they learn and engage them to practice regularly. These sheets include terminology definitions to fill in, interactive music theory problems to play along with, personal goals for the week (for example, playing a chord progression 20 times every day at 80 beats per minute) and a lesson notes section to write notes in and page references from their music notebook.

Circulating Curriculum

Curriculum circulates every three months for beginners and every month for intermediate and advanced students. Students will be working toward learning a new song for their circulation time period while having a different focus every month.
Focuses for Curriculum Circulation include: Chords and Chord Progressions, Scales & Music Theory (understanding and perfecting music with style)
For example, one month we will focus on chords and chord progressions, the next month we will focus on scales, then the last month we will focus on the music theory behind what we are learning and finish the song. For intermediate and advanced students this will be weekly instead of monthly, finishing a new song each month.

Lastly, the curriculum is circulated, usually beginning with scales, but with a different scale, chord progression and focus of music theory.

Song Focus

Every time the curriculum circulation period resets, either the group (if group lessons) or the individual (if private lessons) will decide on a song or one will be provided from multiple genres.

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