Coding Over Borders – A Community Service Project

With the support of the Technology department and students of Alveol Academy, we plan to build a Computer Lab for the schools of underprivileged areas in the state of Georgia, United States as well as other states/countries that are lesser privileged.

Alveol Academy students will build computers and deliver computers to the underprivileged schools during Spring Break. The Computer Lab will consist of 18 portable and low-cost computers.

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that is plugged in to a monitor (or HDMI TV); it can be used in electronics projects with a keyboard and for many of the same things that a regular desktop PC can do. This enables people of all ages to explore computing, and to learn how to program in languages like Scratch, Python, Mathematica, and Wolfram.

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Perfect Fit for Programming

Depending on the schools’ Computer Class curriculum, the students can learn one of the block-programming languages using these computers. One of the best block-programming languages that can be used is SCRATCH—developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The portable version of SCRATCH block-programming will be available to students on their Raspberry Pi computers.

Why is this project important?

This project is important because:

  • Student learning will be possible anywhere, anytime.
  • Students will take ownership of their learning.
  • Students will be able to adjust their learning pace.
  • It removes borders. Students anywhere on Earth will be able to learn a block-programming without having internet connection.
  • Gives students an opportunity to involve themselves in community service; something that will encourage the society to help those who are less fortunate.

How can you help?

Companies or individuals can donate money to support this project.


Total cost of the proposed project is $2,574.00 for a class set containing 18 computers and peripherals to make it fully functional.

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Please contact if you any questions regarding the Coding over Borders project.